Brucciani: God the farmer?

Image: Victor Vasarely

God the farmer?

by hugo brucciani
august 2017


at the heart of the multiverse is
the yin-yang
the dual consciousness that
everything is made of

after a while
it wanted
more energy
new energy

it created life:
goldilocks planets and
DNA because
life is new energy

when a life form dies
the new energy goes
eventually to
the yin-yang

it made some
corrections like
on this planet
wiped out the dinosaurs
with a massive
strategically placed
to clear the way for
humans because

because of
human consciousness
human souls are

the yin-yang was
originally harmonious and
complementary but
competition evolved

pushy yang got greedy
wanted more

soul goes through
layers to be
the layers are
also dual
the energy can go to
yin or yang

clever yang made a
fast track through
the layers to yang:


what you believe
determines your
afterlife destination

yang became god
used human goodness
(evolved through sociability)
to create religion

quick yang did a number on
said yang had created
said yin had turned evil
and had been expelled
all lies

yin fought back
but was beaten by yang’s PR

support services
angels, miracles, prophets and
divine revelations were
provided by
god’s ineffable algorithms

god wants you
religious and dead
mass religious deaths are
great for god
religious wars are

anticipated by
god’s algorithms
human intelligence evolved to
the point of enlightenment

now that ‘god’ is dead
the super-energy from
dead humans
no longer pours through
god’s fast track

it can now go to
restoring balance for
a while

god the farmer
moves on to
other crops on
other planets

will slow yin protect us from
the scorched-earth strategy of
yang’s judgemental algorithms in
the prophesied end times to come?

will yin
defend its
post-enlightenment sustainable source of

Or will yin
lazily accept the
massive final shot
as godless humanity

[Editor’s note: for an alternative view of life on earth – humanity as a failed experiment – see Brucciani’s lockdown is like the end of the world.]

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