It’s in the blood

Her Blood is Gold Detail of painting by Kitty Star

In between
The selfish gene
And the secret part
Of the sacred heart
The red cross breed
The holy seed
The human gravy’s
Astral navies
Sail on beyond the flood
It’s in the blood

She was just thirteen
The first blood came clean
The time was night
The moon was right
All entranced
The women danced
Beneath the sky
The blossom trees grew high
Above the mud
It’s in the blood

In the month of May
The children play
The pipes of Pan
Diana’s man
Who lost his honour
To the Black Madonna
Tried to own her
Became a blood donor
A sacrificial stud
It’s in the blood

Blood is thicker than water
Water turned to wine
The wine is the blood
The blood of the lamb
Will wash away your sins and mine

So wash your bloody linen
For everyone to see
Hang out the blood cloth
Of the Red Queen
Victorious in wonderland and me

The sun returns
The fire still burns
When the blood is shed
And the king is dead
The blood is the life
So give me the knife
Vampire bat?
Don’t give me that
Ol’ superficial crud
It’s in the blood

We’ll keep the red flag
The blood rag
Flying here
We have no fear
Of Mother Russia
So brother hush your
Mouth a while
And walk a mile
In her shoes, Bud
It’s in the blood

Down the years
The hopes and fears
Of the human race
Have changed the face
Of the dreadful truth
So we say no sooth
But in the corner shops
Of the mind the penny drops
With a heavy thud
It’s in the blood

(In memory of Stan Gooch)

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