Huntin’, shootin’, fishin’ an’ gatherin’- forward to the past

Here in the UK, we churlish peasants hate the landed aristocracy (and the nouveaux super-rich), not least for their hobbies of huntin’, shootin’ and fishin’. (The dropped ‘g’ is an aristo affection.) But putting aside class hatred, maybe that’s what we’d all do if we had their time and money. (But perhaps not the inedible fox, uk aristos’ favourite quarry.) Maybe it’s intrinsically enjoyable. Maybe it goes back to huntin’ and gatherin’.

Putting aside – also – our modern vegetarian sensibilities, maybe hunting and gathering was enjoyable. Then we invented farming, which was boring. After the Norman invasion of 1066, the victors stole all the land. They hunted in their forests. No one else could. (Perhaps poaching was semi-tolerated as a safety valve. Huntin’ and poachin’!)

So in the future (having somehow survived the climate crisis), with aristos and the super-rich all exiled to the moon (for receiving stolen land and criminal damage to the environment), and with reformed money, a state income, most work automated, food produced hydroponically and the land commonised and rewilded, we can all enjoy a little recreational huntin’ and gatherin’.

Then it’s back to the tribal eco-cave for an evening of eating, drinking, story-telling and singing around the fire. (Then autodrone back to our ecopods.)

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