Artificial stupidity again

Image: Futurama

A recent newpaper report on robot reporters that are supposedly able to write financial reports and TV previews, gave an example:

‘We catch up with our dastardly group along the rippling waters of the Riverlands.’

If that’s a fair example, journalists’ jobs are safe. When will human journalists stop swallowing the latest ridiculous claim for AI?

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2 thoughts on “Artificial stupidity again

  1. I think you’re onto something with the term #artificialstupidity. Spell checkers that substitute relationship-wrecking terms into personal emails, wrongly insert apostrophes into resumes, and substitute words that make no sense are just one example.
    We’re lucky civilization hasn’t collapsed as a result — or have the seeds of its demise already been sown?

    1. Thanks for your comment, Peter. Good example. Language isn’t understood well enough to be reproduced by algorithms. I think the AI hype will fade, and civilisation will be wrecked by something else!

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