Angels were made as
Part of the divine algorithm that
Serves to direct our immortal soul-energy to

Greedy Yang-God

But they have acquired their
Own reality
And they like to
Help us

Try asking them to
Help you
It doesn’t need
It’s better than
Praying to

God’s only interested in
Your afterlife

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5 thoughts on “Angels?

  1. Oh! I neglected one of my heritage monikers. Perhaps subconsciously. On my Germ Man side is Prussian, Bavarian and Ashkenazi. In my youth I did not know about my Jewish side. My Mom was a Nazi. Our Family was gravely affected by W.W.2(WHOA WHOA TWO) on both sides of that conflict of interests. Many murdered/Killed relatives. My paternal grandfather was a wiermacht soldier on the Eastern Front( he came home after the war). My maternal grandfather was torpedoed on three different ships sinkings sailing food and war materials from Great Britain 🇬🇧 👍 to Murmansk. He survived all three times but unfortunately froze to death in the artic sea in 1942. For some unknown reason most of my closest friends turned out to be Jewish persons and Irish,Scottish and American First Nation People. After the war during the german genocide U.S. Pre Marshall Plan. Rotting German Corpses were threatening the Belgian, Dutch and French. My Father at the age of 14 was gathering bensin timed grenades from the attics in fire storm Nurnberg. I’ve lived in peace all my life. I thank everyone who payedwith their lives and health for that my greatest luxury. We who killed our paradise planet during these 76 years hence should be ashamed. Shame on us all. Miserable Masses of Asses.


  2. I’m 66 years on planet. I overexerted,overextended and overexposed myself last summer in 30° sunshine all day on a manual kickbike. Then chugging a liter of 5.8 beer and smoked a Cuban cigar,Partagas Series E #2. Then I Fell down dead in a wooded area. 6 angel’s 3 male and 3 female were carrying my limp body,twelve angle arms under my backside six on each side, outside heaven’s gate area. I heard a female asked in a very worried state: “What is he doing here? It is not his time”. A male voice calming her, answered “we’ll bring him back” then I woke up on the ground all alone totally exhausted. For 4 hours I lay there, I was incapable of any movement at all. After resting I was revived replenished got up and took my kickbike on the buss home again. Once I was stabbed by 6 full grown up chicanos in the head and back and severely kicked and beaten. Both stab wounds were just one millimeters from fatal said the surgeon. I wonder what my reason for living is and why I still have it ahead of my now,how? Just aging, sick and dieing? Maybe I Should get out of bed and the soffa and get activated Pronto? Full Speed Ahead! AYE AYE CAPIAIN! I I AM:Swedish,American,German,Norwiegen,with a dash of Portuguese, Bella Russian and Samè(Scandinavian Aborigines)


    1. Thanks for your fascinating comment, Robert. In my poem, I was, of course, just bullshitting – I kind of ‘believe’ in angels but unlike you I have no direct experience. As for the reason for living when you’re facing old age, sickness and death – your guess is good as mine! (I’m 73.) Buddhism offers answers. Or perhaps some aspect of your amazing mixed heritage might help. Why not see a Sámi shaman?


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