Corbyn supporters repeatedly trashed by Guardian

Guardian letter 2. August 2015

(Influential writers for and contributors to The Guardian – the UK’s only left-of-centre broadsheet – consistently slagged off the supporters of Jeremy Corbyn, the surprise leftwing leading candidate for the Labour Party leadership. Corbyn went on to win.)

Comrade Corbyn | Photo: WENN

I’m a Labour member and a Corbyn supporter. I’m not gambling or fleeing (Opinion, 4 August), I’m not mad (Front page headline, 5 August), I’m not kidding myself (Opinion, 8 August) and I’m not an ignorant escapist (Opinion, 10 August). I want radical change.

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2 thoughts on “Corbyn supporters repeatedly trashed by Guardian

  1. Thanks for your comment, Richard. State terror, famine and mass murder? Sounds like Stalin. Even the left-centre Guardian at its most anti-Corbyn never equated him with Stalin!


  2. A straightforward modus ponens argument against the hard left:-

    1. Politics usually leading to economic disaster, state terror, famine, and mass murder ought to be opposed.
    2. Hard left politics usually leads to economic disaster, state terror, famine, and mass murder.
    3. Hard left politics ought to be opposed.

    This is why to the extent that the Guardian “repeatedly trashes” Corbyn supporters, they are right to do so.


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