Mosaic: St Peter’s Basilica, Vatican, Rome

Is there an afterlife? How can there be? Life is life. Death is death. Or is our individual consciousness independent of our living body? If so, heaven/hell/whatever must be a crowded place. Except it wouldn’t be a ‘place’, of course. It’d be ‘outside’ space-time as we know it.

So, if there is a heaven, and you get past the gatekeeper, what would you do? I’d head for the library. Unless they’ve closed it.

2 thoughts on “Heaven

  1. Well I believe there’s a heave and I’d also probably go to the library if there are books of history and also stuff my face with food (hopping for food in heaven🙏)


    1. Thanks for your reply, Essibanda. Food is probably not nececessary in heaven but there might be a illusory food area for new arrivals. See you in the library.

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