Liberal leader equates Jeremy Corbyn to Donald Trump

Guardian letter 3. September 2015

(UK Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron wrote a Guardian article desperately trying to position his party, devastated in the recent election, in the centre-left supposedly abandoned by Labour under Corbyn.)

Separated at birth?
Photo-montage: Telegraph

Tim Farron thinks the Corbyn phenomenon is exemplified in the US by the support for Donald Trump. In fact, the UK equivalent of the Trump phenomenon is the rise of Ukip. The US counterpart of the European Corbyn/Syriza movement is surely the surprise emergence of socialist senator Bernie Sanders as a serious rival to Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. Linking Corbyn to Trump is a clumsy smear by Farron. He should bear in mind that the Lib Dems might need an electoral pact with Labour if they are to recover seats at the next general election.

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